Pier Luca Montessoro teaches Computer Networks, Fundamentals of Computer Programming, Computer Architecture and Computer Security in the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree courses in Electronic Engineering and Management Engineering at the University of Udine and regularly holds seminars on the same topics.

Teaching materials, software, examples, exercises and video recordings of lessons and seminars are available online on the e-learning platforms of the University of Udine. It is possible to request free access to the courses as a guest by sending an email to prof. Pier Luca Montessoro (pierluca.montessoro@uniud.it).

Seminar “Everyday Cybersecurity”

Tolmezzo (UD), September 17, 2021

Smartphones, tablets, smart TVs… devices which, if used without due precautions, can become dangerous for us and for others, even in our daily activities. The seminar illustrates the roots of the problem and provides the elements for adopting good behavioral practices for the aware use of technologies. A survival manual in the present and future digital world. (In Italian)

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Seminar “Spreadsheets for technical-scientific applications”

Two lessons for a more effective use of spreadsheets. Useful notions are also provided for activities in non-technical-scientific fields. (In Italian)

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Course “Computer Networks”

A complete course to understand and correctly use the terminology and methods related to computer networks. At the end, the student will be able to analyze a project or to define the project specifications of a local or wide area network, and to design simple network configurations and software applications. (In Italian)

Go to the software section for the socketlib library developed for this course.

Course “Fundamentals of Computer Programming”

A basic programming course in C language not only to learn to design and develop programs, but also to understand and use appropriately the terminology related to computer science, programming, hardware and software architectures of computers. At the end of the course the student will be able to design solution algorithms and data structures for medium complexity problems and write C language programs that implement these algorithms and data structures in a correct, efficient, readable and modular way. (In Italian)

Access the software section for the wavlib, bmplib and rtalib libraries developed for this course.

Course “Computer Architecture”

A basic course that illustrates the operation and architecture of a computer. At the end of the course the student will have understood the problems of low-level programming and gained the ability to design simple programs in assembly and machine language. (In Italian)

Go to the software section for the rtalib library and the SimCPU simulator developed for this course.

Course “Cybersecurity”

The course, currently held by a former Electronic Engineering student and PhD of prof. Pier Luca Montessoro, illustrates the problem of computer security in a broad way, overcoming the limits of the purely technological approach. The course leads the student to know the fundamentals of network security and the related protocols and architectures, to understand the organizational and management problems related to IT security in the business environment and to know how to design and implement network configurations (local or wide-area) and systems that implement security policies. (In Italian)

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