The research activity of prof. Pier Luca Montessoro, after having been centered for several years in the field of CAD simulation and testing tools for VLSI design, and, subsequently, on e-learning and distance learning, is currently oriented towards computer networks, cybersecurity and distributed systems.

Professor Pier Luca Montessoro participates in the research group Dynamic and Distributed Systems and run the “IoT and Distributed Systems” laboratory located in the M6 ​​module of the Lab Village, in Via Sondrio 2 in Udine.

In relation to his studies for the application of multimedia technologies to professional music and audiovisual production, he is a consultant for the judiciary on audiovisual piracy cases as well as computer piracy cases.


The list of publications is available on the IRIS system of the University of Udine.

Publications (on IRIS-UniUD)

Science dissemination activities

Seminar “Space, time, bits and other conspiracies”

“Collega-menti” (“connect-minds”) festival: Udine, June 10, 2023

A journey into cyberspace analyzing the implications of digital technologies in society. (In Italian)

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Seminar “Everyday Cybersecurity”

Tolmezzo (UD), September 17, 2021

Smartphones, tablets, smart TVs… devices which, if used without due precautions, can become dangerous for us and for others, even in our daily activities. The seminar illustrates the roots of the problem and provides the elements for adopting good behavioral practices for the aware use of technologies. A survival manual in the present and future digital world. (In Italian)

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